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Remapping FAQ’s, Newton Meters, Backup Tuning File, BHP, Is It Safe?

  • Is it safe for the vehicle?

    Our tuning process ensures the best performance without compromising reliability. On a standard production car The engines software is balanced to fit many different countries or conditions. We are able to tune your cars engine computer software safely to ensure reliability but it is this skill of the tuning process which ensures it is safe and this is always our first priority.

    Please be aware of claims of massive gains you see advertised as these statements can often lead to disaster. Look at reputable tuners in your research and you will usually find similar gains for reliability and any inflated promises you see be aware!

    We also only use genuine tuning software tools to ensure a safe tuning experience. Please be aware that many clone tuning tools and software with no guarantee can damage your vehicle. If its cheap there may be a reason!

  • What do we do exactly?

    We communicate with your vehicles engine management ECU via our tuning tools and take a read of its software files. We then carry out a delicate tuning process to these files to improve how your cars system responds with great results. On some vehicles it is necessary for the tuning process to be done directly at the ECU itself and we have the facility to do this on most vehicle brands. We can advise you which process is needed usually over the phone or via our email contact page whichever you prefer.

  • What warranty do you give?

    We offer a lifetime warranty on the actual tuning files we install to your vehicle. The quality of the tuning process ensures that the upgrade will not directly damage an engine that is correctly serviced and mechanically sound prior to any remap. We carry out a pre diagnosis check and road test of your vehicle to assess your cars condition so that your remap reaches its full potential.

    Its important to understand that a vehicles age/mileage and condition do have to be considered before you increase performance and to what level. We will offer advice with your best interests as our priority at all times.

  • Do you keep a copy of the original tuning file?

    Yes we do keep a copy of your original tuning file on our dedicated cloud servers.

  • How does the Remap improve the vehicle?

    Your vehicles engine computer controls all the fuelling and turbo charger boost characteristics. There is room for improvement in these area’s of the software with great results in power increases. Along with this the engines torque characteristics can be enhanced with great results.

    A professional remap safely enhances your driving experience without compromising your engine.

  • What do diesel add-on tuning boxes do?

    A diesel tuning box is an interface which connects to the engine management system to improve the power of the engine. They are an alternative that can be used for vehicles where the ECU can not be tuned or is tune protected.

    Also they can be preferred where a vehicle is under manufacturers warranty and the customer prefers a device which can be removed and re installed easily.

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