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DPF Doctor

We are proud to be a professional agent for the independent network The-Dpf-Doctor.com

The DPF Doctor

We are able to save you £££’s by cleaning your Dpf filter rather than an expensive replacement .

A guide to a cleaning cost is £250 Inc Vat which saves many hundreds of pounds !

Not only that we will diagnose any issues that may be causing the filter to clog up and advise you what’s needed to ensure a complete fix .

We are able to clean the filter in situ in many cases and without the need to rely on the cars computer strategy which can be very problematic when a filter is blocked along with other faults which may be the cause of problem. We ensure during the cleaning process that any other issues within the engine management system are dealt with so that future DPF regenerations can naturally occur ensuring a complete repair.

The Cleaning Procedure

Stage 1: Firstly we carry out an in depth evaluation of your vehicles DPF system looking at common failures of the system before initiating a clean procedure, where necessary further fault trace is conducted to ensure a successful clean can be started.

Stage 2: Using specialist equipment we are able to add a decarbonising solution into the pre DPF pressure line,allowing a soak period at this stage is important. This is then followed by an additional injection of solution during an engine running cycle. The soak period, solution amount and repetition depends on saturation levels of the DPF filter identified in the stage 1 process.

Stage 3: Once we have completed stage 2 to a desired cleaning level its important to now carry out an extended road test whilst actively monitoring the engine management DPF temperature and pressure sensor information to ensure that the system operates correctly in its normal driving cycles. This process ensures a complete check that the system is operating correctly before returning the vehicle to you.

Advantages of our cleaning process:

  • No need to remove DPF from vehicle
  • Pre and post diagnostic checks on common failed components
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Increased Performance
  • Increased MPG
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